February 18th-20th, 2022

Northwest Kansas Women's Encounter

Northwest Kansas Women's Encounter Registration

ATTENDEE Registration

Open Sunday

January 9th @ 2:00pm

Server Registration

Open Sunday

January 9th @ 2:00pm

                         Server Training                                                date, time & location                           will be announced here... 


Women’s Encounter can be described as a weekend where women encounter Christ in ways that are perhaps new or long since felt.  Through teaching, testimonies, and worship we’ll dive deep into what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.
What is Women's Encounter?

You’ll learn more about yourself, the body of believers around you, and most importantly, the God who created you. Get to know the sisters you have in the Lord and the community that awaits you.  Whether your relationship is new or old, this weekend will be a blessing.

Most likely you were directed here by a friend, and you may be wondering “what in the world is this person so excited about?”  Well, take any ideas that you may have about this impactful event and throw them out the window. You can be as social or hermit-like as you wish – you will not be forced out of any comfort zone that you may have. Don’t worry, this is not another typical church retreat; it’s a weekend where you have an opportunity to get away with other women and experience God in a real, intimate, and personal way. The principles and tools shared are foundational in nature, but yet, can have a profound influence on those who come with a humble and open heart.  While there will be other women in attendance, Encounter is an individual and personal experience. What takes place during the weekend is between you and God.  He has a gift that is unique for you.

When do we leave? Friday Evening

Please arrive at your predetermined launch point church in Norton, Hays, Plainville, Hoxie, Salina, Colby, Gove, or Sterling….

  • Between 4:00 - 6:30 pm (Each location will depart at different times): We have to load luggage and hand out materials.  
  • Parking: If you are leaving your vehicle please park your car at church in a designated area as per your launch location.
  • Registration: 4:00- 6:30 pm (Each location will depart at different times): All attendees will need to register and pay if you have not pre-paid.
  • Pre-encounter TBA: We will begin Pre-Encounter for all attendees roughly one hour before location departure time.
  • We pull out on Friday evening from the church parking lot.

When will we return? Sunday Afternoon
We will return to your launch point on Sunday between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.

Where are we going? Lakeview Christian Camp, Stockton, KS
We'll be headed toward Stockton, KS. We'll be staying at the Lakeview Christian Campgrounds at Webster Lake. We will be riding together from each launch point.  You are asked not to take your own vehicle.

How much does it cost and what's included?
The cost is $125.00 (please write Women's Encounter in memo). That includes transportation to the Encounter location; lodging, all materials and meals while you are away.

Make Checks payable to: 

Norton Christian Church
Attn: Cheri Renner - Women's Encounter
208 N. Kansas Ave.
Norton, KS 67654

What should I bring?

  • Sleeping Bag or bedding for twin size bed
  • Pillow(s)
  • Toiletries
  • Bath Towel/Washcloth
  • Flashlight
  • Casual Clothing for Saturday and Sunday and Jacket
    • We want you to be comfortable
    • We keep the conference room chilly so a jacket might be helpful
  • A Bible and journal/notebook (Do not pack either in your suitcase. You will need them Friday evening).

Registration Questions:

Sue Ann Skrdlant

All other questions:

Angela Melvin
Danielle Markley